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First Week in Sevilla

The adventure begins!

So my first week in Sevilla has come to a close, it has gone so fast and yet so slow at the same time. It seems like such a long time ago since I arrived at the airport and went through orientation classes with all the other nervous English teachers. However, the week has gone fast and I´ve thouroughly enjoyed getting to explore Sevilla and get acquainted with Spanish culture.

The family I´ve been placed with for my homestay here in Sevilla has been really wonderful. My señora cooks every meal for me and even does all my laundry! I have to say that I´ve been living quite a luxureous life with them. The meal times are different here, so I´ve had to get used to that a little bit. Spaniards typically eat a very small breakfast (a piece of toast) when they get up in the morning, and then don´t eat again until about 3. At 3 they eat a huge lunch and relax during siesta, after eating such a big lunch its very easy to kick back and catch a few winks. Then, lastly, they eat a medium size dinner later in the evening, around 10.

My host family and I have gotten along really great and have had some good chats as well, which has been nice. Sometimes they are very difficult to understand, they talk very quickly and abbreviate a lot of words, but we´ve still been able to converse pretty well. The first day I got there my American roomate and I (Seth), who is great, had a talk with our señor and he gave us an orientation of sorts to the city. He talked so fast and niether of us understood much of anything, so after about 15 minutes of talking, we both looked at each other and just started laughing because we had no idea what he said! But I´ve steadily grown accustomed to the speed and accent, and I feel like I´ve improved a significant amount the first week.

The scenery in Sevilla is also spectacular. There´s a river running through the south end of the city and several bridges which cross over the river from where my house is to the center of the city. The building are all very Spanish in appearence (makes sense) and the most prominent building in the city is the great cathedral which rises above everything else in the city center. Next to the cathedral is the castle "Alcazar". The first day we walked around, before I knew there was a castle in the middle of Sevilla, I was quite surprised to come across the Alcazar, as I´d never thought to expect to walk past a castle that day. it´s a very beautiful sight, once I get the chord for my camera I´ll post some pics.

I still have 1 week left in Sevilla, then Sara will arrive and we will head off to vera to find apartments and start teaching. It will be hard to leave, since I have enjoyed Sevilla so much and made some good friends even in the short time I´ve been here. But I´m excited for what lies ahead, and I´m going to be sure to enjoy the rest of my time in Sevilla.

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Friends and Family, neighbors and acquaintances, strangers and creepers, welcome all to the travel blog which will document Matt and Sara's monumental spanish journey! This excellent blog will be the instrument which shall document our many strange and exciting adventures while we are teaching English in Spain from October 2009 to May 2010. Whether you miss hearing Sara's hillarious bee jokes, her thought provoking puns or Matt's dashing wit and good looks, you can find it all here and experience Spain with us!

Currently we are both lingering in the preparation stages before we leave. I (Matt) am still feverishly working to improve my spanish before I take my 2 week immersion class in Seville, which starts Sept 11. Sara's flight doesn't leave until two weeks after mine.

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